Dispensing Equipment

Veterinary Syringes Features: • Convenient, Dial-A-Dose®, and Posi-Dose®, (multiple measured dose) or single dose options • Controlled dispensing and precision placement of cremes, pastes, fluids, and gels • Wide variety of molded-in-place nozzles • Snap-locking, double-seal tip caps • Self venting, zero draft barrels • Available in FDA comforming HDPE or Polypropylene plastics (white, clear, or custom colors available) • Custom calibrations, decorating, and labeling available • Integrally molded, one-piece plungers or two part design with snap on seal for improved compatibility and easier dispensing • Available in 6, 15, 32, 36, 60, and 100cc multiple dose styles or 3 through 100cc single use styles

Dial-A-Dose® Plunger Calibrations Standard hot-stamped calibrations include the following: Syringe Capacity Stamp No. Description 15cc/ml #139 0-15 cc's w/1 cc increments 32cc/ml #141 0-30 cc's w/1 cc increments 60cc/ml #140 0-60 cc's w/5 cc increments 100cc/ml #202 0-100 cc's w/5 cc increments Custom hot stamp calibrations are available for a nominal one-time fee to cover artwork preparation and hardened steel printing plate.

300 ml Veterinary Cartridge System Features: • 300 ml all plastic cartridge for economical packaging and controlled dispensing of oral-applied veterinary pastes, and gel preparations • Smooth design to reduce oral tissue trauma • Unique wiper seal provides superior leak-free package even with oily-type compounds • Three-lug base fits into standard bezel type veterinary guns, which can provide measured dosing or rapid delivery of contents • Available in HDPE or Polypropylene (white, clear, or custom colors available) • Barrel labeling and printing available • Short or long nozzle styles available • Snap-Locking, double-seal tip caps are easy to apply and remove and provide superior leakage protection • Special configurations available on request Markets and Applications: • Veterinary Pharmaceuticals • Nutritional Supplements/ Probiotics • Herd dosing

Veterinary Accessories Sterile Infusion Cannula: Used for intramammary and other dose delivery applications. These all-plastic sterile nozzles are available in bag or strip packaging. Non-sterile cannula are available bulk packaged. Sterile Plastic Teat Dilators: Patented design dilator aids in healing of injured teats. Easy inserting and self- lubricating soft plastic reduces the risk of injury or trauma. Individually wrapped and sterile. Post Production and Custom Services Finishing Services: Assembly of plungers, dosing rings, plunger insertion, and applying caps to nozzle. Automatic Labeling: Machine or manual application of pre-printed labels to syringe barrels. Specifications for label formatting are available, or we can work directly with our label maker using your artwork. Hot Stamping: We can print plungers with the Plas-Pak standard or customer provided graduations. Custom colors or materials for syringe components are available for production runs of 25,000 sets or more.

Mini Cartridge System Features • Low-cost, convenient, controlled dispensing system in capacities of 12, 15, 32, 36, 60, and 100cc's • Variety of molded-in-place nozzles for reliable placement of paste and gel compounds • Easy-fill, zero draft barrels are available in clear polypropylene, high or low- density polyethylene, or nylon-6. • Cartridges have secure locking cap closures and all-plastic wiper seals for leak free integrity • Low cost, ratchet style guns for improved mechanical advantage and easier, more controlled dispensing of viscous compounds • Decoration services available • Luer lock nozzle accepts blunt industrial needles or low cost plastic cannula • Assembly options include piston or cap placement to facilitate filling. Filling and plunger insertion equipment available

  Markets and Applications Industrial: • General purpose adhesives, sealants, caulks, and mixed frozens • Grease, lubricants, and thermal conductives • Inks, colorants, and pastes • Silicon fluids; gasket and potting compounds • Solder paste and flux • Automotive sealants and mastics • Maintenance and repair compounds • DIY & Hobby craft high viscosity adhesives Pesticides: • Paste and gel type bait placement • Crack and crevice treatments • Bait station refilling Dental/Medical: • Adhesives, sealants, cements, paste, and gel compounds • One-part composites and impression materials • Ear mold and impression materials Veterinary: • Single and multiple dose pharmaceuticals and probiotics • Herd dosing and force feeding Laboratory/Sampling: • Dispensing and filtering of viscous samples

  For more information on Dispensing Equipment please call 508-429-6024.

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